The Diaper Store

Formerly known as The Neighbours House, The Brochet House, The Transients' House, The Ontario House and Mrs. Sutton's House.

We weren't expecting this House to get a makeover, but here we go!

The Bale Burner and Boiler Room

We lit the first bale in this beauty two years and one day from the date that Tim first sent an email of inquiry to the manufacturer.

Play Day- Mondays

Drop in and treat yourself and your child(ren) to a new space with lot's of outdoors. All ages welcome.
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Stewards of Children Workshop

The Coop transforms to business-casual.

Hobson's Choice in the Coop

Wednesday June 9th the farm was invaded by this musical quartet on tour from Toronto.
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Grand Revival May 1, 2010

We are looking for some more photo's of this fine event... please upload any pics that you might have.