Halifax Media Co-op, Oct 4, 2010

Johnston responds to Chris Payne's quote, "The causes of youth crime are hard to pinpoint in terms of finding a single, all-encompassing source". Could child sexual abuse be the source of youth crime that eludes us?

Chronicle Herald, July 19, 2010

PORT WILLIAMS ? There will be a Stewards of Children training session on Aug. 7 at Sutton Oak Farms in Port Williams, Kings County.
Stewards of Children is a sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Kings County Advertizer, July 16, 2010

Stability is important to farmers in the industry, Port Williams chicken and turkey producer Tim Ansems says.
?There has been turmoil for a couple of years? now, this is a good opportunity to solidify jobs and I know I will have a place to process my poultry.?


Watch for Tim at Sutton Oak Farms at the 9:50 mark in his first t.v. appearance.

Chronicle Herald, May 26, 2010

A workshop will be held Thursday on ways to prevent the sexual abuse of children and to recognize its impact.

The workshop is to run from 6 to 9 p.m. at Sutton Oak Farms in Port Williams.

The session is open to the public and is said to be of specific interest to parents, youth sports organizations, coaches, camp counsellors, youth service organizations, teachers, school personnel and faith centres.

Chronicle Herald, May 25, 2010

PORT WILLIAMS ? Tim Ansems and Angela Johnston are proof that young farmers are ready and willing to bring innovation to the industry.
The couple operates Sutton Oak Farm Ltd., a 70-hectare farm that raises turkeys and chickens in the picturesque community of Port Williams, near Kentville.

Kings County Advertizer, May 18 2010

Kings County Advertiser/Register
Rebirth of a baby store

Angela Johnston faced a small business owner's nightmare in December: a burst pipe wrecked her Port Williams-based diaper store.

Chronicle Herald, May 1, 2010

A Grand Revival evening is set for Sutton Oak Farm near Port Williams this evening.

Organizer Angela Johnston said the event will be held in a newly renovated farm building which used to be a potato warehouse.

Canadian Poultry, Dec 17, 2009

Ansems is not concerned with Ontario-based Maple Lodge's strengthening position in Maritime regional poultry processing as all poultry producers in Nova Scotia, the 82 chicken farmers and the 20 turkey growers could be involved in the plant projects holding 50 per cent of the joint venture's shares. "We are looking at a Nova Scotia solution and the solution at this time is to have a joint venture."

Provincial Journal, Dec 5, 2009

HALIFAX - A poultry industry official says the need for greater efficiency and productivity, combined with an aging processing facility, is

behind the layoff of another 110 employees at ACA Co-operative in Nova Scotia. Tim Ansems of the Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia, says by sending chickens to a more efficient plant in New Brunswick for finished processing, farmers in Nova Scotia can be competitive in a tough retail market. Half of the chicken producers in the province ship to their birds to the Nadeau Poultry Farm in northern New Brunswick.

Kings County Advertizer, May 9, 2009

The Port Williams Health Auxiliary will meet Tues., May 12 at 9:30 a.m. in the Ladies? Parlour of the United Baptist Church. The speaker will be Angela Johnston, who will bring information regarding the need of midwifery services in the Valley. Everyone is invited to come.

CBC News - Nova Scotia, March 17, 2009

Angela Johnston of Port Williams wonders what she'll do without a midwife.
"For my next birth, it's not just planning my life, it's planning my next battle because I won't have a birth where I have to plan to go to the hospital," said Johnston.

CBC News- Consumer Life- Diaper debate: Cloth makes a comeback, July, 2008

"There is a cultural misunderstanding about the simplicity of cloth diapers," Johnston says. "Cloth diapers are not more work than disposables, and the environmental footprint from using disposables is far more harmful than that of cloth or reusable diapers."

NS Legislature and Valley Cloth Diaper Co. Dec, 2007

NS Legislature and Valley Cloth Diaper Co. Dec, 2007

HON. MARK PARENT: Mr. Speaker, I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:
Whereas Angela Johnston has been the owner of the Valley Cloth Diaper Company in Port Williams,...

Brochet Exchange Promotional Video, May 10, 2007

Every year, Angela Johnston brings kids from Brochet Manitoba to Port Williams, Nova Scotia for some unique experiences. Angela tells us about the charity she founded, accompanied by great music and images. For me, this was like breeding an audio documentary with the part of a film doc where we run out of footage and use tons of pictures. Music was provided by A BAND OF OWLS along with an older tune from when they were known as Barefoot. Techno Loops were edited by me. It was fun to build.

The Nova Scotia Talking Stick: Aug 15, 2007

Exchange program won't give up funding hopes
Halifax Herald - August 12, 2007

My Business Idea: ACSBE, 2007

Angela's commitment to her business, the search for a hidden market, and a passion for her product has made her a role model for inspiring entrepreneurs.

Halifax Chronicle Herald, July 2, 2007

Three years ago, when Port Williams mother Angela Johnston started searching out cloth diapers for her son, she had trouble finding them.
It just didn't seem like there were cloth diapers anywhere and I couldn't find anyone who was using them. It was really frustrating.
She too began her own business, The Valley Cloth Diaper Company. She says now there are three Nova Scotia cloth diaper companies and interest is only getting stronger.

Rural Youth In Action: Lessons in Community Leadership, 2004

Page three of this publication quotes Angela from an application for a leadership award. The authors of this document did a great job of extracting a pleasant and encouraging statement from the original application. In truth, this quote was originally surrounded by statements highlighting the incredible challenges that face non-profit organizations and how the government makes it excessively difficult for individuals to make a positive impact in our communities.

NSAC Athletic Awards

1999-2000 Hustle Award, Men's Volleyball- Tim Ansems

1999-2000 Most Improved Player, Men's Soccer- Tim Ansems