The Coop

1400 square feet. Concrete floor, etched, stained, urethaned and waxed for an elegant and rustic feeling. South facing windows add some brighteness to this enclosed space. A wood stove heats the building. 3 couches and 2 cozy chairs surround a rug, lending to a smaller and more intimate space for gatherings, or a multi purpose function. 30 cup coffee maker, tea kettle, water pitcher and milk/cream and sugar are available on a 6 foot table with cloth.

100" retractable screen, LCD projector with easy and convenient hook ups for laptops, game consoles, and video players. On site tech support is available.

Garage-sized doors open, in the warm weather, to a cement pad at the end of a small old-growth apple orchard.

Track lighting throughout the building makes directing attention, and highlighting certain locations within the building an easy way to enhance the presentation of your event.

The Coop is suitable for small community groups, business functions, board meetings, private or public live band performances, unique party gatherings (games nights, special interest functions), charitable fundraisers. Row seating, tables and other supplies can easily be obtained by renting, or borrowing from other local groups.

At this time we would like to extend an invitation to use the Coop for your next function. If you don't have a 'next function' then I welcome and encourage you to be creative and look for ways to enjoy this space. We would like to especially extend this offer to new groups, socially minded groups, and start up businesses that would like to showcase an event as a method of marketing their organization or cause. We are aiming to balance the Coop schedule to include a variety of organizations with varying budget capablities.

Please contact us if you would like a quote for a serviced function, or to negotiate a fair use agreement.