January 4, 2010

My first Blog.

Tim says...

Do you really want to know what I think? A good friend of mine says no one really cares what we have to say, so I'll start slowly. What to say? I'm not sure what to say, or what I can say or how to say it. Ha ha, how many times can I say say. Can I start this over? Why am i bumbling over myself? I wear many hats, and I have to be careful, I think, as to what to say.
The day started at 4:30am, shipping chickens to ACA in New Minas. Things went well, birds processed and weighed good. Playgroup day, prepare the Coop, which meant cleaning up the water on the floor. I really need to figure out how to keep water from coming through the double doors. Make fire, clear snow/slush/rain/dirt from driveways. Dom and Rueben came over for a play date, gave Dom a tour of the barns, the furnace room, guesthouse, etc. I think the tour went well. Pick up Caelin from the bus stop, endure her temper tantrums, go for truck ride to Foodland, to pick up pizza toppings for supper with cousins Claire and Conor. Watch Conor play Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, and try to entertain Tobi before bedtime. Play Shopping Cart with Russell and Caelin, now time for bed. Things I was supposed to do today: call Pierre, find some poults, and that bad word, paper work. 


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