January 13, 2010

To Do

Wednesday- 2:08 pm

- dress 3 kids (check)
- drop caelin off at bus stop (check)
- drop caelin's snowpants off at school (check)
- pick up some tea for Michelle (check)
- drop Michelle off at Kingstech (check)
- drop Russell and Tobi off at Julie's (check)
- update website (checkish)
- clean kitchen (check)
- assess water damage to diapers at store
* count moldy diapers
* find new storage space for diapers
* stare at construction and dream about the future of the store (check)
- build the outhouse
- switch bookshelves in Embassy
- arrange to bring big blue out to the Embassy
- run (check)
- fold 4 baskets of laundry
*put away laundry
- reduce 'to do' list to something manageable :)
- send some official emails (check)


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