February 11, 2010

How my body works

Tim says...

My body knows when to shut down. It's like clockwork. I should know this by now, but nope, I continue to trust that I'm strong and healthy. I am sick right now, a cold most likely, just plain ole' worn out. Hit me yesterday at suppertime. I was in Ottawa last week for CFC meetings, left Tuesday, came back Thursday. Oh yea, I also shipped chickens on Monday night for Dad, and it snowed alot and the trucks got stuck and tractors wouldn't start yadda yadda. 4 hours sleep. Ottawa on Tuesday night, many Coronas later, 4 hours sleep. Meeting all day Wednesday. Early to bed though, Thursday meeting leave late AM, get home to the farm at 3pm. Hang out with kids, take Caelin to Karate, and then who knows, most likely a few episodes of X-Files, season 3. Friday, three meetings. 1st with Kings Mutual to figure out our claim for the Diaper Store. 2nd, to the turkey board office to learn about the Food Safety program. 3rd, price meeting with ACA. Tirirng day. Weekend, was jam packed with Ang and kids, Monday playgroup, then Tuesday was a stressful chicken board meeting. I;m surprised it didn't hit me after my board meeting, like last time but, it waited a day. I spent yesterday working on the combine, cursing those god damn mice again. I don't have another meeting for a month. That will be useful, I have soem things to do, like get the barn ready for turkeys, get the bale burner up and running. Yup, almost there. Plumber thought that maybe on Monday we can start filling the system up with 9000 gallons of water (31000 L) Get the electrcians to hook up some pumps, then we should be good to go. Cheap heat, good thing, propane is getting expensive for me, 56 cents a litre. Where was I? Right, my body. So I have no meetings comming up, I've been full out for a while now, seemed like a good opportunity to shut down for a while. I'll be back at 'er tomorrow. In other news, Big Blue is on the move again. For those of you that know Big Blue, she has moved out to my office. For those of you that don't, ask, or imagine.


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