February 17, 2010

A Late Night Tour

Tim and I snuck out for a walk around the farm tonight...  Today was a 'snow' day. It was blustery and overcast. But now it is dark, still and relatively quiet (except for the delightful hum of the fans on barn #4, the feed tank auger and the wheat auger).

Tim showed me the new pipes and electrical work in barn#5. He explained how to switch the system from straw to oil (and I'm sure he will explain that more than once!). Then we went over to the boiler room. The farm 2000 is full of water (no leaks yet!), the gajillion gallon water tank is starting to fill up... I can't believe that we're almost ready!

I want Tim to have a lighting ceremony when he lights the first bale... but he wants to make sure it works first.

And in other farm news... The Embassy is looking good. I still have to imagine past a few boxes... but we're really close to having a sweet space out there... couch, tv/vcr, espresso machine, fridge (stocked), telephone, internet, interesting crop and poultry information...

And, I am very excited for Pete's return! I am looking forward to putting the store back together, and its always a good time when Pete's on the farm.


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Sweeter on February 18, 2010 4:01 PM
Thanks for the shout out. Better get yer drinkin' shoes on Ted.

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