February 23, 2010

What it means for me

Sitting on my throne, watching my workers hard at it.
Sitting on my throne, watching my workers hard at it.
Ang says...

So, we're burning straw. Tim's learning the nuances of the mechanics of the burner. We're both realizing that we have a new partner on the farm and in our lives.

It's a nice feeling to know that we have committed to enjoying all of the benefits of switching over to this new system. The burn is so clean, and our fuel supply is so accessible.

I guess we won't be seeing the propane truck rumble past the house as often as we used to... and personally, I can't wait to see what we will do with the newly freed up cash flow... ha ha. Just kidding. I know where the money is going. I'm still not going to get to play with any of it. But now, hopefully, we won't lose the farm :)

A special shout out to the ladies who are working towards midwifery services for us here in the Valley. It takes a lot of work to get people to make smart decisions, and I'm grateful for the time and energy that you all are contributing to this cause. I wish I could be more helpful...

WT-FIP, the diaper store is looking good! The only problem I have with my vision of my new store is that I can't help imagining nice new office furniture. No matter how much I know that I am going to put the same hand-me-down desks back into the office, I keep imagining the office furnished with new furniture...

I'll post some pictures of the renovations, and I'll add them to the album.


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