March 18, 2010

So much for updates..

Timmy says...

So our belief was that we could blog daily, or semi-daily. No, bi-daily? Hell, I can't even update monthly, since my last real update was Feb 11th. So, I apologize to all three of my faithful followers. I did have a quick update about the burner being alive, so let's start there. I like to burn stuff. Scouts and Venturers was a great opportunity to explore knives, camping and fires, and it's too bad that all of our youth can't experience that. It's truly fun, and I think, it toaught me things, like, don't put too much camp fuel on the fire, and knives hurt, and that falls from great heights can cause people to bounce when they hit the forest floor. But I digress. I wanted cheap heat so bad, and didn't realize that the burner would be a new member of the family. I'm always checking up on it, trying to understand it, reassuring the burner that it's ok to produce little heat when I put bad straw in. It's been a learning curve to say the least, but I think we've come a long way. I put turkey poults in the barn on the 23rd of February, and it is now March 18th. I 've used proably about 24 hours of proapne during the first few days of the flock, as I was learning how to be the straw. I am closer to being one with the straw. I also thing I'm using way too much straw, but the dense bales don't work so well, and my 8000 gallon tank is not insulated, well, it's better now, but I'm losing alot of heat still. If I had paid more attention to Heat Transfer during my third year of school with Lino Correia, I could probably tell you how much. So, bale burner, check. Chickens are back in Barn 4, 23500 females, things are well there. What else. Chicken industry. Yes, I did get re-elected to the CFNS board for three more years, after a nerve racking election. This is where blogging gets interesting. I could start to go on about the polictics in the industry, but as being an elected member, and being chosen to be Chairman of the board for another year, I do have responisbilities. (Why isn't there a spell check?-inside thought) Where was I. Yes, responsibilities. I don't get to choose when I get to wear my chairman hat. I wear it 24 hours, 7 days a week. I might like to take it off when I speak, or write or blog, but I don't have that choice. Get my drift? So industry, check. How about gov't funding for my bale burner, I mean lack thereof. Well, at risk to ruining how that process s going, I'll reserve comment. The weather? Crazy, it's dry, farmers are going crazy getting ready to get on the land and do all that we do. It is the 18th of March, so I`m going to relax as best I can, I do have 90 acres of Winter Wheat to fertilize, so I should get that done soon. Coop, the kids (Leif and Shanna) fixed the wall and celing, so we should be ready to insulate the celing, try to keep soem heat in. The coop is also going to recieve some tables and chairs from The Hub in the city, which is nice. Thje renos at the diaper store are continuing, and I am a bit jealous, the upstairs looks really nice and inspiring, and I'm really happy that Ang gets a nice office, after all that she's been through lately. Shanna and Leif have been working on the diaper store renos, as I don't have any time in my days to be spending the hours they have been doing, and I think Ang will have some pics in the Diaper store part of the album. Tired of reading this yet, I'm starting to wonder if I'll have time to watch soem more X-Files. Oh yes, always time for X-Files, and remember, Trust No One!  


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