March 30, 2010


Hey Tim, remember when I got to be a Princess for a week?
Hey Tim, remember when I got to be a Princess for a week?
Ang says...

I tried to get a picture of Tim and I with the Provincial Minister of Agriculture, the Honourable John MacDonell, but we didn't have a chance to be that pushy.

Tim was invited to an Urban-Rural dinner hosted by the Kentville Rotary Club, and held at the Woodville Community Centre. I was particularly excited to see Laura of Heart and Soil CSA. Laura is an exceptionally inspiring farmer.

The dinner was well attended and I was happy to have an opportunity to address the Minister regarding the Valley's loss of Midwifery services due to provincial regulations/legislation. I haven't been out mouthing off much lately, so when Tim and I were on the way to dinner we both wondered what topic would be my opportunity.

I wasn't expecting it to be Midwifery, but like I said, I was happy to have the opportunity to raise it at the dinner.

There is a growing and diverse group of families in this area who have been working hard to get the government to commit to incorporating Midwifery care with public health care. I haven't been able to help much, so I am glad that my comments were heard by several Ministers.

My computer is back in my office, and today I started to move things back in... dust off the piles of papers, sort, file, shred, cringe, bury, and of course, dream big.

My tentative re-open date is Monday, April 12. The website won't be up yet, but at least the store can re-open. I can't even remember the last time I put the 'Open' Flag at the end of the driveway. Oh spring is so exciting!


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