April 18, 2010


O.k... the word is on its way out. I'm still hoping to entice some media attention for the Grand Revival, but it looks like the night is going to rock no matter what happens between now and May 1st... I say that slightly cautiously because I know the flu is flaring up. I am praying that it runs its course before the Grand Revival. Because that may be Grand, but it wouldnt' be much of a Revival if we're all sick!

I'm way too optimistic to be worried about that! So...

Now that I know that the Revival is underway, I've got some other things that still need reviving. so to speak.

I put that the diaper store will be open on May 1st, so I've got some work to do here... there is still a big mess downstairs. And as much as I love to sit in my office and stare at the beautiful space and all the potential... well, I've got to clean up downstairs.

And... things are happening online as well...more to come...

And... I am excited to be facilitating and hosting the Stewards of Children childhood sexual abuse prevention training in May. Check out the calendar for dates and information for this upcoming workshop.

So much to do... and its all so rewarding!


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