April 20, 2010

On behalf of Tim

Tim is too tired to write, but he would like to offer an update, so I'll do it for him :)

Tim shipped chickens last night and would like to report that on two seperate occassions he slept through two alarms. He meant to get up at 1:00 am to prepare the barns and driveways for the catching crew.. due to arrive at 3:00 am. At 2:30 am, Tim finally got off the couch. Ready to go at 3:05. Catching crew was behind schedule anyway.

He was back in the barn at 6:00 am to turn the feed and water on for the birds that didn't go out this round.

Today he is working on the outhouse. Oh the outhouse! What will he do when he doesn't have that project to avoid? And now, I'm going to go visit him in the workshop and then we'll have lunch.

All the kids are being cared for off-farm today... maybe I'll convince Tim to take me out for lunch... (it's way less expensive to eat out with 2 than it is with 5!)

Joanne is coming over this afternoon to work on the books. Maybe I'll do some work on the website. Tim will probably be running in and out of town picking up things he didn't realize he was going to need....

Oh I almost forgot... Thank you to the people who have called to order tickets for the Grand Revival! I could really get used to being a ticket agent.


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