April 22, 2010

Got to Be the Biggest

I've been so excited abou the concert at the Grand Revival, I haven't given a whole lot of thought to opening up the rest of the property for people who would like to check out the farm operation.

Well, tonight I *finally* watched Tim load the bale burner. After all the hype, the newness, the chaos, the learning... that thing is friggin cool. We are set for life with a burner that size, using a crop by-product to heat our buildings. As long as we don't lose the farm, that is :)

All the agricultural and environmental enthusiasts should really take this opportunity to come and chat with Tim on May 1st. He'll load it up and talk shop.

I am proud that our farm has taken this massive leap towards sustainability. Good for you Tim.

And Tim, I know that I keep reminding you of all the things I'd like to see accomplished before May 1st... but no matter what, we are going to send the kids away for the night and we are going to have a wicked time :)  Remember how you closed the Coop on our wedding night? Well all I have to say is, 'This is our time!'.

And can we post that picture of you in your towel and all the ladies on the farm flocking to you???


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