May 28, 2010


The Coop's professional image
The Coop's professional image

I would like to congratulate Michelle Johnston and Thayne Swindell on becoming the first Atlantic Canadians to be trained as Stewards of Children. Last night was our first community workshop held here at the Coop. I came away from the evening feeling really optimistic that people are going to recognize the need for this type of training, and are going to be empowered to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Thank-you Michelle and Thayne for being a part of my first workshop as an Authorized Facilitator.

So, now I'm going to add a Stewards page to this site and then I've got a performance to get ready for... Hobson's Choice will be here on June 9th (that's a Wednesday) and I have a feeling that there are some 'townies' who need to take a night-on-the-town and turn it into a night-in-the-country! Come on back to the Coop... we'll have a campfire pit ready and hopefully we'll have some nice summer weather to compliment the evening.


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