June 11, 2010

Repeating Myself

We did our best to 'represent'... Hobson's Choice enjoying an all-local bbq with the kids.
We did our best to 'represent'... Hobson's Choice enjoying an all-local bbq with the kids.
My entry timed out before I could upload it, and I lost what I wrote. I wrote a lot.

Hobson's Choice was awesome. The music was beautiful and Felicity, Harley, Rebecca and hard-to-find Michael now join our 'favourite visitor's' list. We took a family-day on Thursday and enjoyed the company and the nice weather. Thanks for a great visit. It was a real treat.

The Coop is rolling along. It looks so good in there! Tim's mom tipped us off to some sweet comfy chairs that were being sold by the Port Williams United Baptist Church. What a great addition... like they were made to be in the Coop... hmmm...

Tim's out taking care of the crops. Everything is planted, except for a field that was meant to be corn, but the rain prevented it from getting planted.

The strawberries are delicious and there is going to be a lot of berries in a few days and we'll have a steady supply for the next 3 or 4 weeks. If you are looking for spray-free strawberries in the Valley, let us know. We might set up for u-pick, or we'll just pick and sell wholesale or direct.... whatever works :)


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