July 6, 2010

Strawberry Season

Play Group
Play Group
I picked two flats this morning and I'm guessing I've got 3 more days of picking left. If you haven't had any of our sweet spray-free berries, this is the official 'last call' for 2010.

The season has been a real delight. We planted the perfect amount of berries for what I could handle this year. Now I am starting to put my sights back on the diapers and the coop....

We've got a BIG FUN event coming up on Aug. 20th. Tim was listening to me spew out a pile of words trying to find the description of our Aug. 20th event that will clearly tell people what the night is going to be all about... and out of nowhere Tim comes up with a beautiful phrase.... 'shift your paradigm'. And I thought I was the word warrior in our family! Whatever Aug. 20th is going to be... it will be outside the box, and will be a great opportunity to shift your paradigm... new paradigms can be so enlightening :)

What a fancy way to talk about a pig roast and a barn dance! I'm hoping to master the Am to Bm transition before Sunday morning... after that, I'll have free space in my head to formalize a proper invitation to the roast/dance event.

In the mean time, I'm hoping to have a little more time to share our progress on the farm this summer.

We've had some delightful visitors over the past 4 weeks... if you've been here, and you have pictures of your visit, please upload them on our Photo Albums page so we can share them.

Also, Tobi put my phone in the toilet and I'm pretty sure that God told her to do that so that I could buy a phone that is more functional... but my contacts list is gone, so if you were someone that I have called, you should call me so that I can get you into my new contact list :)

looking forward to reconnecting with my online friends :)  'cause if it wasn't for the internet... how would we know about each others' lives??


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