August 19, 2010


I need some. Saturday, after I finished combining my wheat, I drove to New Glasgow for Johnston-Fest. Not much sleep. I did awake Sunday morning to Russell kicking me casuse I wouldn't read a  book at 6am. Sunday night, I drove back with the kids so that Ang could have a night alone without the monsters. I also shipped chickens Mon am at 6am, so again, little sleep. Monday night, ship turkeys at 3am, but catchers sin't show till 5, so again, little sleep. Tuesday night, had a few guests over to celebrate Liz and Johannes and Jen and Morgan's upcomming wedding(s). Congrats. Again, little sleep. Oh wait, had a meeting tuesday, which, as I get older (33) seems to take more energy out of me. Wednesday, finish shipping turkeys for Dad, another meeting in the afternoon and that was that. Pick up monsters from Julie's, supper, play, bedtime. I was out at 8pm. LG.
And now as I type this, Tobi is indicating she is tired, by the costant crying and flailing on the floor, while she rubs here eyes. Night night Tobi.


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