August 26, 2010

Private Canada!

Private Canada's Administrative Headquarters
Private Canada's Administrative Headquarters
Great news... I'm totally rejuvinated about being Canadian! I was on a bit of a low, feeling kind of, well, dissapointed in ourselves as a Country... you know how we think we're progressive and democratic and into equality, but actually we're not? Well, anyway... I've been feeling disengaged from the 'system' and had a chance to pick the brain of a very clever nearly PHD'er and we came up with a solution to Canada.

Ironically, it is a Private Canada. A peaceful revolution. We're going to start collaborating on what specifically needs to change in this country... you know, vision, mission, philosophy etc. etc. Step 2, we'll start preparing the policies that will address these changes. Step 3, EVERYONE is invited to contribute financially so that these policies can be enforced and Step 3, when we've worked out the kinks, we'll all stop paying taxes to the Irrelevant Canada and transfer ownership to the Private Canada.

I know, we've got some work to do. And it will take a long time. But, at least I'm optimistic about the Country I live in :)  And that's worth something.


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