November 9, 2010

Waiting with Joy

It is still raining. I had to move my jogging route off the back fields because I'm pretty sure that it is too muddy to enjoy a run. I drove in to Greenwich and did the Wolfville to the Mainway route... except backwards... 'cause that's how I do things.

Talk about feeling out of place. I am so used to running on uneven terrain that I kept moving off the sidewalk onto the grass patch next to the road. then I felt bad because I don't want to wreck the little green patch by beating a trail into it. And traffic... typically I might see a tractor... or my dog Lizzy... sometimes a skunk or a mole... so it was a little harder to escape into my thoughts with all that 'stimulus' going on around me.

But otherwise I had a great run... it's really nice to feel strong and be able to push myself physically... as opposed to praying that my kneee doesn't start to ache or my foot doesn't spasm... I've added swimming and soccer to my activities and I'm considering adding pilates... it's good to have variety.

I made Tim buy me a second pair of runners so that I can have indoor shoes for the gym... let's face it... my on-farm trail is not available year 'round. Oh booo... it was so convenient to walk out the door and sart my run. Now if we could forget about the rain and head straight into snow...


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