November 23, 2010

How Important is One Little Toe?

I got stomped on at soccer last night. I don't know if my toe is broken, but regardless, I'm hobbling around and it is amazing what an impact this is having on my whole body. My abs are aching, my shoulders hurt... everything feels off balance. Stupid toe.

I guess the first day of true snow is as good a time as any to be reminded that the kids outgrew and outwore their snowsuits and boots last season. We've got some scrambling to do this afternoon to find suitable winter attire... Slush pants and rainboots aren't going to cut it.

I'm puttering away at the diaper store website. It's back online and now I'm tweaking the list of products, updating and modifying all the things that need to be updated and modified. I've got a couple of things to keep me busy today, but I also want to plan some more Stewards trainings for the New Year... 2011... what?!? Already?

O.k. enough procrastinating... back to work :)


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