January 2, 2011


It is a new year and we have lot's of changes in store. Russell has self-declared himself a graduate of child-care and will now be attending nursery school two mornings a week. He is very excited and his sisters are excited for him. For me, this means going from 3 child-free work days/week down to 1 half day of child-free time... whoah. Talk about re-prioratize.

I am up for the challenge though. It will be nice to have some alone time with Russell... and Tobi will do well to be on her own a few days/week. I'm just going to have to complete my goal of having organizations seeking to hire me... so that I don't have to spend time looking for organizations who should train their staff to prevent child sexual abuse... this way I can devote my time to the actual training, and then I'll be free to spend the days with my kiddies.... learning to keep things organized :)

I had a bunch of other things I wanted to say, but I took a sip of tea, thought about going home, and lost all my thoughts. Here's to a productive and relaxed year! I'm ditching the office for the night :)  Oh... but great news! I finally got my Dad's 30-year old-about-to bust Fender Guitar re-strung. It doesn't seem to hold its tuning for more than one song, but now I have a guitar at home and one at the office... so that makes me happy... nothing clears the head like hammering out a few chords.


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